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Dream 646267702

Posted on 2013.01.17 at 14:26
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Another interesting dream.

So I was at uni, signing up for the PhD course, but trying to explain that I was starting my PhD mid year. After some talking about that and what subjects I could still take, I went outside. And a war broke out. I kid you not. There were all these guys in some uniform with rocket launchers, shooting all over the place.

I soon realised that these guys were all on our side, but I might get hurt by this reckless shooting. Then one screamed 'the enemy is coming' and we all ran for it. I ran for it, with a sense they were after me. I ran towards this jungle that happened to be right next to uni in my dream. Then someone shouted that the enemy had been captured. I looked to see it was one girl.

It was Holly, someone who I pretty much for got about until this dream, but she was a friend/acquaintance at primary school. And it dawned on me that this army of guys with rocket launchers were all afraid of this one girl. I stood quite close to watch what was going on, as I felt safe now that she'd been captured. Now the guys were arguing about who had to be the one to kill her, but shooting her in the back of the head. She was too dangerous to be alive.

I don't know exactly what happened next, but I think she brain washed me or I realized we were on the same side all along, because I suddenly had the power to vaporise people. And I vaporised all these guys. Those that I didn't get, ran away. After, I met up with more of the 'enemy', who I was now a part of. I suddenly knew that we all had some super power, and my vaporising one was the most useful because we could use fear to keep the away from us. We were a small group of people, like 5-10 or something (dreams are not good at keeping things table). Against an endless army. Also, the best way to pick them off was to get them on their own, because they couldn't hurt you then. And the jungle forced them to disperse. Dream logic.

We decided to go have a party in the middle of the jungle. One of these people were like the old spice guy and his power was to make things pretty. So there was this water feature thing and he turned it into a pool. Old spice guy blew out all these green rose petals or leaves or something I dunno so it rained down like confetti. We all thought that was so amazing. Someone else suggests that an ecstasy pool party would be a good idea. So someone cracks out the ecstasy pills. It was a packet of fruit tingles. And these fruit tingles are being passed around and I say no thanks, lets kill someone instead.

So I go out and get one of those rocket launcher guys. Or well, he just appeared there, but I knew that I actually went and picked him up and brought him here. But dream timelines. Someone asked how to kill this guy, and I told them to rip him apart. Which meant grabbing him by the limbs and pulling in opposite directions. The dream didn't show me what that actually looked like, it was just a group of people stacked on one and the water turned red.


Nice one brain. This dream uses the major dream troupe of 'me against the world'. And 'together, we can stand against the world' or 'together, they can't get us'. This troupe involves feelings of persecution by an entity greater than myself, usually a large group of people. Then I find either one person or a small group of people who are my friends, and the persecution problem solves itself.

Another dream troupe than sometimes happens is 'they can't get me, but they can get you to get me' or 'I fuck up everything'. This is where after I realise they can't hurt me, I do something reckless which gets Friend hurt or killed. Like Random Shooter cannot shoot me, so I run out to fight him but slowly for the fun of it or to show off, not to quickly get rid of the threat. But he can still shoot Friend. Surprisingly this troupe did not happen, probably woke up/stopped remembering before it got to that point.

What was also interesting is that I was actually part of the 'world' in the first place. Although I was not really 'with' them, more on my own, but they were protecting us all and not my enemy. But powerless as still one person was terrorising us. Powerless, both in not having a super hero (or villain?) power and not being able to do anything about the situation I was in, but hope I don't get shot. Turning over to the 'enemy' group seemed to give me the actual and metaphorical power to get out of the situation. And it was even better because in this group I was the protector, rather than the person running away.

The whole thing did not have much emotion with it. The whole thing was matter of fact. When I was running for my life, I didn't feel much fear, but I knew I was scared. It was kind of like 'ah, this again'. The 'party' thing had the feeling of social acceptance, which was good. If a dream decides to reward me, it does it with social acceptance, leading to a complete dissolution of social anxiety.

It parallels with relationships in waking life. The army in the dream represents my peers. People who I go to school with, people who I go to work with. The people I try to impress, but they make me anxious. I'm not sure who's side they're on. The 'enemy' represents the 'losers that no one really likes'. Although this kind of thinking was for primary school, which is probably why it had a primary school friend in it. And she was from the time I did the turncoat from the 'normal people' to the 'nerds'. I had a friend in grade 4, called Bossy Peta because she always told us what to do. At lunch time, she made us do some gymnastics class. She was into that, but I wasn't. She'd constantly praise my other friend while putting me down. But I also received the praises once. She seemed to just pick people. It was quite manipulative thinking back to it. I hated lunch times because of this, and hated school too. Ironically there was someone who used to physically attack Peta. Peta would never defend herself, even though this girl was really small, so I used to attack her back. She had ADD and I used to pick on her for it. You're crazy, you need to take your pills, and I'd try to force her to take them. It's okay to attack her, because she is crazy so it serves her right. We're not all victims in this.

One day, I had it with Bossy Peta. I was making friends with Awesome Angela and some other people. So I decided to go play with them at lunch. And I actually started having a good time at lunch. Of course, it wasn't all perfect, but it was sure better than Bossy Peta. Even though everyone liked bossy Peta more than awesome Angela. I remember saying something along the lines of 'I think I am using you. I only hang around you because you make me feel good' or something to that extent. I think we had a thing about how bad it is to use people and take advatange of others, so that was the insult. But it was something like 'you're only my friend because you're my friend'.


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