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The archives of nervous_neuron: Year 12 religious education book entry 2004

Posted on 2012.11.26 at 18:24

23.4.04 10:15 am.

Let me think of some natural highs:
-When you do your homework for tomorrow and you find its not even due, so you can relax the next day.
-When a bird does not fly away from you as you get closer to it.
-When something a friend has been worrying about for a while turns out well in the end.
-Waking up in the morning, alive.
-Waking up after a nightare about something I was nervous about, going wrong, like an exam and in the nightmare I miss the exam, then I wake up, feeling like I have been given a second chance in life.
-The word “shoogle” :P
-When something I have said to someone has affected them in a positive way
-Tasting food at recess or lunch after a long and boring class
-Finally understanding something I never did
-Knowing someone trusts you.

I am guessing the exercise was to think of natural highs?

Anyway, what is intersting is the lack of mention of the phase word or even neuroscience. Perhaps because I thought it an 'unatural high' lol.

What is kinda creepy is the trust one. It was written in slightly different hand writing, down the bottom. I suppose it's creepy in the context that for different research projects I have injected mice and rats with MDMA, 8-OH-DPAT and oxytocin, drugs which are thought to increase trust.

But anyway, what's interesting is my thought on what a 'high' is supposed to be. And that they are the more socially acceptable ones. I didn't write 'watching someone's neck being broken in a movie'. Well I suppose it would really be "writing that my natural high is 'watching someone's neck being broken in a movie' and then thinking about the horror and/or disgust on the teacher's face. Trololol". Well I suppose I could have written scaring people and disgusing people. Disgusting people... I don't know how to write this to make sense. Making people feel the emotion of disgust? That's better.


Threshold reached!! tester7555545 at 2012-11-26 23:52 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah....disgusting people... in every place i come to :D

Edited at 2012-11-26 11:57 pm (UTC)
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