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Posted on 2013.02.05 at 00:27
Another fucked up dream courtesy of your Nervous_Neuron!

This one starts of where I am currently living. This is a bit hard to explain, but I was with a group of people who were torturing this guy who I knew was called Ben outside my house. I was able to turn him into plastic telepathically, and the way it looked in the dream was a bit disturbing. I looked at him, and his skin started melting off, and them melted skin turned into plastic, spreading outside in so he became this life sized doll thing. After this, I was also turning him into rubber instead of plastic while the others were holding him down. I complained that it was a shame I couldn't hear him scream in pain. Somebody else reminded me that I could mind read, so I could hear this guy, but I can't remember what he was thinking. But whatever it was made me feel good. I turned his face into something which reminds me of a zombie mask I have in waking life, that has exposed brain. In the dream, we pulled out the brain and he died.

Something, perhaps my Dream Conscience asked me why I was doing this. The dream scene changed to what appeared to be an early memory, but it was in real time. I was younger, and lived in my hold house with my family. Not just my parents, but there were other kids, perhaps they were meant to be siblings. Ben, the guy I tortured previously was there. Or I knew him as Benny. He could turn into this large blue big cat type animal. It resembled an onyxian panther from WoW. How it looked kept changing in typical dream mode. But I was telepathically able to change it back to human form. But I only just started practicing this telepathic power, and couldn't do it reliably. Everyone was scared this cat form. I also knew that he lived in our garden, and he wouldn't leave and there was nothing we could do about it. I was inside, watching Benny. When I was alone, I changed him back into human form.

In the next scene, Benny flew out and brought back some kind of animals into the garden and killed them. I remember the first one was a bird, but then it became some other mythical creature, and maybe even a person. I can't remember this well, but I was getting progressively more disturbed with each kill, as they were escalating in terms of 'wrongness', but there was also some sort of feeling of admiration. On the last kill, I wondered why he couldn't be locked up in a cage so he stops killing things. But then I noticed my dad trying to build one, but Ben attacked him. Dad was doing something, and he turned around to warn me to get away or something like that. And I saw the injuries, which were extremely disturbing in the dream. Much of his leg had the flesh ripped off such that there was just bone there, and little shreds of muscle. There was also a chunk missing from his chest, with rib cage showing through. But he still went back to fight Ben or something and had no problems walking despite all this injury. Although as dreams are not good at keeping the same image, the next time I saw my dad, it looked like he was wearing a plastic skeleton costume thing that hung on his front. It was like a downgrade in the special effects.

I can't really remember what happened next, but in the next scene I was looking at a collector card of Ben. It had his full name, which was Benny followed by a bunch of letters I don't remember. But it explained something about the cat thing that I don't remember, but it made perfect sense in the dream. The next scene had him in stocks, about to be executed by a guillotine in some park area.

Perhaps another time. It's bed time for me, just wanted to get this dream down before I forgot it.


Threshold reached!! tester7555545 at 2013-02-06 03:28 (UTC) (Link)
I like your dreams more than mine. I am following
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